California Gold is a limited ingredient pug food :
1) All-natural Real Food
2) No chemicals
3) No Soy, Wheat, Sugar, Dairy
4) No Gluten
5) No Preservatives


California Gold is truly the best dog dog food for pugs, healthy all-natural, REAL FOOD diet for small dogs under 40lbs. Made with REAL human-grade food and no fillers, preservatives or chemicals that can harm your beloved pugs.

This gives the small breed dogs the healthy natural nutrition their bodies need to thrive and have beautiful, soft-as-silk coats. This is the best limited ingredient dog food for small dogs available..

If you treat your pug as a member of your family, why not feed it the best pug food? Would you like your dog to be the healthiest possible? Then you should feed it California Gold Small Dog Pet Food--a limited ingredient pug food.

What is the best dog food for pugs?

California Gold Small Dog Pet Food was formulated by pug owners and for pugs. If you are unsure this is the best food for your dog you can try a small sample. .We have $1.00 samples with free shipping. Your pug will love it!


  • Real Food (Whole food), not artificial or processed

  • Raw, not cooked (except when cooking rice formula), therefore preserving nutrients

  • Weight Control--feeding portions according to dog size chart included on each label

  • HIgh Quality Control: each bag of the best small breed dog food prepared and filled individually and manually

  • Controlling Contamination: no processing and shipping of meat or dairy products

  • Vitamin and Mineral Potency: supplied separately, not cooked or processed

  • Time Tested: 26 years on the market feeding small dogs.

  • Limited Ingredients: Just veggies, fruits, grain & a vitamin/mineral pack


What we hear is that dog food is recalled because it was contaminated, usually by an organism in the food that can cause illness in the pet--such as salmonella.

Salmonella is usually associated with animal producst such as eggs, egg products, meat, meat products, etc.
This is the main reason why we don't have meat or meat products in our formulas.

California Gold Small Dog Food does not contain any animal product. We believe in supplying you with the cleanest product from the beginning. You can then be the supervisor of introducing the best, healthiest specific selection of meat or animal product into the food for your pug should you desire to introduce these.

Don't want to add meat to your formula?

Try our Vegetarian Formulas; they contain all the essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and protein that your dog will need.


Many pugs have allergies or allergic reactions caused by products such as wheat glutten. soy and soy products and corn by-products. California Gold does not contain any wheat or wheat by products, no soy or soy-products (except in the vegetarian formula), and no corn or corn by-products. California Gold ingredients are oats (or brown rice), vegetables, fruits and the packets of protein, vitamins and minerals—nothing else! All are human-grade.

There a very large number of dogs that itch constantly. Many of these cases are not a cause of the food they eat. Many of these cases are due to a low tolerance of environmental factors and many are due to hereditary factors including over breeding and passing on health issues genetically from one generation to the next and on and on. From the many pugs I have owned, rescued and those pet owners who I have talked to, I have seen that no matter what food you switch to, in the case of genetic health issues, the itch continues. In this case you would have to spend a large amount of money in allergy testing and it usually doesn't show one main culprit. I have yet to see research on anything that alleviates this in a natural way, except for a result that a customer of mine with dogs that itched a lot. She gave them cod liver oil. Other than this case, unfortunately anti-histamines and steroids would make life a little easier, but then you are introducing more chemicals and both of these aids are not to be used in a prolonged way and steroids can cause serious issues. Consult your veterinarian or health professional.

There is a popularity amongst pug owners with "grain-free" pet food. Some believe that grains in the dog food are the cause of their allergies. This is seldom the true case, grain allergy is very rare. However if you wish to feed your dog a grain-free pet food we do have a grain-free formula for you.


Limited Ingredient Pug Food

Limited ingredient dog foods seem to be the latest and greatest thing for pug owners and there is a very good reason for this.

In the ever-quest for problem-solving, one of the main topics, across the spectrum of breeds is the itching and scratching. Pug allergies are a major concern for their owners. Allergies will typicall fall under food allergies or environmental allergies. In the environment allergies to grass (lawns, etc) can be common; pesticides and other toxins can be factors, yet fleas (as well as other insects) are a major dog allergy. Many times the allergies are hard to pinpoint as they could be multiple including "hereditary". Because of over-breeding or breeding pugs with known health issues, a pug puppy could already have allergy issues.

Without an extensive budget for tests, an owner needs to have a lot of patience and start methodically, tackling the environment first. Using non-toxic remedies for skin soothing, flea prevention are very useful. For example, bathing the pug in room temperature water, mild shampoo or tea-tree oil based shampoo is essential as well as treating the skin with the tea-tree oil after the bath. Grooming it with a flea comb (it is specific) and eliminating fleas in all the house and yard is imperative in eliminating pug allergies.

Pug food allergies can be a worrisome issue for the owners too. So many dogs are suffering health issues from poor nutrition; and no wonder, most commercial dog food contains a multitude of unhealthy and allergy-causing ingredients.

For example, if your pup is itching it could very well be the diet/food it is eating. Other factors could be environmental and genetic. However, It is very clear, based on several sources, that the main dog food allergies were 1) Beef, 2) Diary, 3) Wheat. Soy and Corn are also on the list.

According to Wikipedia, "food allergies account for about 10% of all the allergies seen in dogs, being the most common cause after flea bite allergies and atopy (inhalant allergies). Food allergies generally account for 20% of the causes of itching and scratching in canines". So, if you have eliminated fleas on and off the pup, it is a good probabality dog food allergies are present if it is showing symptons.

The most recent fad of "grain-free" dog food is a sign that dog owners are aware that grain could be a cause of their dog's food sensitivity; but the truth is that not all grain is on the list of allergens. If you suspect allergies, do not assume it is the grain. That been said, a less-expensive method of isolating the allergens causing discomfort and skin disease, rather than the cost of expensive tests, is to eliminate ingredients in the dog food.


best limited ingredient dog food

Many harmful ingredients are starting to be eliminated by some manufacturers the pet food industry. Way back soy, wheat and corn were dissapearing from some brands then gluten. Some manufacturers then realized (or were pressured by the public) to eliminate beef (the number one allergen in dog food), and offer other forms of meat and protein.

Lamb and fish as the source for protein became popular, as well as a bit later, rabbit and others. However, even though some allergens may have been eliminated in this way, many more can still be present. The only way, then, to find more culprits is to eliminate all of them one by one! When you see that label on the pet food, the list is enormous. The grocery store brands have the longest (and no wonder they are the unhealthiest), then some of the pet stores brands have less and now newer and smaller manufacturers are putting out some decent formulas compared to the former. With these fewer ingredients, somehow, someone started on the grain (as opposed to meat or other source), there-by the explosion of grain-free dog food. Many pet owners do claim to have seen relief of some symptons in their dogs with these formulas.

Now, another step in the quest for eliminating allergens is the limited ingredient dog food. In these formulas of limited ingredient dog food, because there are fewer ingredients it becomes easier to isolate allergens. If a pug is experiencing allergies and the formula is limited to four ingredients one only needs to eliminate three (or four) ingredients.

Such a limited ingredient formula is California Gold Small Dog Pet Food.

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Try the best limited ingredient pug food
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A sample of California Gold Small Dog Food
formulas may indeed be the best thing you can do for your pet!


Five formulas to choose from:
1) Oats Veggies N' Fruits Formula
2) Rice Veggies N' Fruits Formulas
3) Grain-Free Veggies N' Fruits Formula
4) Protein-Complete Oats Veggies N' Fruits Formula
2) Protein-Complete Grain-Free Veggies N' Fruits Formula


California Gold Pet Food Oats Veggies N' Fruit Formula


California Gold Small Dog Pet Food
Oats Veggies N' Fruits Formula.

This is exactly what you will get in your bag --plus the free vitamin/mineral packet. No more guessing what's in our pet's meal.

Just grain (or grain-free), veggies, and fruit plus a packet of vitamins and minerals. This is a limited ingredient dog food. This is close to the Canids (wolves, foxes, jackals, dogs, coyotes) original diet in nature. (Their prey ate greens, fruits, grain). We only leave one thing out--the possible contamination from animal products (eggs, meat,etc). California Gold does not contain any animal product and there is a big the reason why we don't have meat or meat products in our food: "Why pet food is recalled")

What we hear is that dog food is recalled because it was contaminated, usually by an organism in the food that can cause illness in the dog--such as salmonella. Salmonella is usually associated with animal producst such as eggs, egg products, meat, meat products, etc.

This is the main reason why we don't have meat or meat products in our dog food. California Gold Small Dog Food does not contain any animal products.


We believe in supplying you with the cleanest and healthy small dog food from the beginning. You can then be the supervisor of introducing the best, healthiest specific selection of meat or animal product from your kitchen into the meal for your pet (see how easy it is to do this). This what makes it the best limited ingredient dog food for small breeds available.

These are just some of the benefits of California Gold Small Dog Pet Food (see more benefits).

California Gold Rice Veggies N' Fruits Formula California Gold Small Dog Pet Food
Rice Veggies N' Fruits Formula.

This is exactly what you will get in your bag --plus the free vitamin/mineral packet. No more guessing what's in our pet's meal.
More on the best dog food for small dogs with allergies
California Gold Rice Formula California Gold Small Dog Pet Food
Grain-Free Formula.

This is exactly what you will get in your bag --plus the free vitamin/mineral packet. No more guessing what's in our pet's meal.

PUG FOLKS by Ginger Julian
These letters are from subscribers to the (no longer published) Pug Press Newsletter. We offer them as reading material with great tips and advice and stories. Thanks to Ginger (Editor & former owner of this website/business).

Pug is Having Seizures
Your latest Pug Press was fabulous
(Issue 4 of ‘03)! Each issue warms my heart
and describes how I feel about pugs! I
can’t imagine life without them. What joy
Sara and Victor have brought to my life.
Unfortunately, I lost Sara to grand mall
seizures and now Victor has developed
seizures that are controlled by medication.
Believe me it was the only avenue I could
take after trying various natural methods.
I cherish every day I have with him.
–Christie Jean Monpas
Ortin, WA

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of
Sara and now the problems Victor is having.
I know that natural remedies can be
hit or miss, and without an expert holistic
veterinarian to guide you, we must rely
on Western medicine whose usual remedy,
sadly, is covering up or masking the
symptoms (seizures). The causes of seizures
are so varied that there isn’t room
to go into it here, but I trust you have
researched this well on the Internet. Give
Victor a big hug from all of us, and one for
you, too.

And . . . .
I recently subscribed to the Pug Press
and also received the Pug Healthcare
Manual. I am glad to have all this new
information. However, our pug has had a
series of recurring skin blisters since mid-
August. I have taken him to the vet several
times where they prescribe antibiotics
and prednisone. The problem goes
away only to resurface again. This is the
4th time and no one (vet included) seems
to have any answers.
I want to know if you know of any
doctors in southern California that specialize
or hve some knowledge about pug
problems/conditions. The cortisone shot
they gave him to stop itching did not
help, either.
Any help or guidance would be
greatly appreciated. Please help!
–Michelle Ortuste, Sherman Oaks, CA

I have referred you to an excellent
holistic veterinarian in Santa Barbara,
who has since relocated. I’m hoping you
contacted him for help before that happened.
Other than that, skin problems,
in my experience, have almost always
been related to diet, and are often resolved
once a dog is put on a natural
diet (such as ours, or a homemade version
of it) and gets rid of the chemicals
and other gross products going into the
body that are contained in most commercial
dog foods.

Itchy Black Pug

I contacted you earlier this year about
a skin rash I was suffering from, apparently
as a result of contact with my pug
Felix. A couple of friends of mine had the
same reaction after holding him, but not
everyone had this reaction.
I called the breeder and she’d never
heard of it. His vet saw nothing wrong
and said it must be an allergy on my part.
Cortisone creams helped but were not a
long-term solution.
I consulted a veterinary dermatologist
who called it “folliculitis” of indeterminate
origin (he ruled out the dog as the
culprit; animals produce only respiratory
allergies in humans, he said). He prescribed
more cortisone/antibacterial
creams. They were less effective than the
over-the-counter meds.
I tried some antidander sprays on Felix,
which helped him briefly it at all. (He
scratched himself a lot, but his coat was
always beautiful and gleaming.)
I experimented with frequent baths. If I
waited a month to bathe him, I’d be in
agony; with weekly baths the rash would
calm down.
A holistic pet store owner recommended
salmon oil and that did seem to help a bit,
but not in a lasting way.
Finally I switched him to your no-cook
formula. Bingo. It solved the problem–95%
of it, anyway. I have occasional very mild
symptoms, particularly if he goes longer
than 2 weeks without a bath, but we have
both found relief at last!
He’s 2 1/2, 18 lbs., muscular, very active,
loves all living creatures, and wants
to befriend the world, which is no longer
allergic to him. Many thanks.
–Terry Hinte, Richmond, CA

I’m glad to hear Felix’s new diet has
helped both of you. However, I suspect
something else is still going on. Are you
sure he isn’t getting into some poison oak

Read on . . . .
First of all, I love your newsletters, and
I appreciate all the work you do for our
little puggies.
I have a 2 1/2 year old fawn pug, Madie.
She is our princess. I bought your Pug
Healthcare Manual and have referred to
it often, but I have a question I couldn’t
find the answer to.
Madie has two wart-looking things
down by her private parts and just yesterday
I found another one on her little neck.
They don’t appear to be painful or itchy
as she doesn’t have any reaction when
you touch them.
Can dogs get poison ivy? My daughter
and I have it and was wondering if maybe
that could be what they are.
I don’t like running to the vet for every
little thing, but I also would never want to
let something go that could hurt her in any
way. Let me know if you have any ideas,
and keep up the great work!
–Dawn Isaac, Plymouth, OH

Another reader wrote in about these,
calling them skin tags. As far as I know
they are harmless, just like warts. I have
seen older pugs get them a lot, but not so
much on younger ones.
I don’t know if pugs can get poison ivy.
I suspect they can because I used to live
in a place that had a lot of poison oak. At
the worst, they would walk thru it and
then give it to me when they sat on my lap
or brushed by my legs. I can’t recall
whether they got it themselves or not, but
in those days seems like all pugs itched
(before Frontline and Advantage came
First, do the obvious. If you think
they have it, bathe them, with YOU
wearing rubber gloves. Give ‘em a
spray of that tea tree oil you read about
in the Manual, and you can also use it
where the poison ivy got you. Works on
animals and humans, too. An alternative
would be to use plain old every
day cidar vinegar. It also removes the
itchies, I’m told.

And once again . . . .
I know you are very busy, but perhaps
you can lend a tiny bit of assistance.
I have searched through all my
back issues except for the ones along
with my pug information in storage that
I can’t get to. My little girl has developed
a wrinkle problem and I cannot
remember if it was Tea Tree oil that you
recommended for getting rid of the infection,
or if it was something else.
I have tried cleaning daily with hydrogen
peroxide on a Q-tip, followed by
a cool water rinse, then triple antibiotic
ointment. It clears briefly only to start
up again if left alone more than 2 days.
I am beginning to suspect a fungus as I
cannot see any open sores.
Any suggestions or a point in the
right direction would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for a great newsletter!
–Linda Day, Seabeck, WA

It’s tea tree oil, all right. You can
also use Tinactin (over the counter
antifungal cream)–just a small dab. I
use a dab of diluted tea tree oil on a
cotton ball once every 2-3 weeks for
the pugs, just to maintain their nose
wrinkles. Works great for us! Vinegar
might work on this, too. Great antifungal





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