The pug's life expectancy is about 12-15 years. This may surprise you--people have been conditioned to think that all dogs (and pugs) live only through 10 or so years, with some breeds having more health problems than others. However this is not true, life expectancy of the pug can be greater, especially if several factors are observed. One, the pug is raised in a healthy environment. Nutrition, exercise and lots of love. Two, genetics can be a factor. If the pug is from a breeder who is putting out myriads for profit, there is no care as to what is being passed on genetically and that affects pug life expectancy.

How long do Pugs live?

In our experience of many years with many pugs, healthy nutrition plays an extremely high factor in a pug lifespan. We have seen most of them, especially when being fed California Gold Pet Food, live to 12 years and many of them reaching 14 and several reaching 15 years old!
pug life expentancy

Many of the pug's health problems do not necessarily affect the life expectancy such as their eye problems and their respiratory problems. The one health problem most affecting the pug's life expectancy may be their ambulatory problem--when they lose the ability to walk. We only say this because many pug owners do not wish to see their pug this way and prefer to chose for an option of quality of life for the pug and put the pug to sleep. However, if one's pug is still eating, has some zest for life in it, then a pug can live a little longer if you wish to take care of it in this way. We are not saying that pugs are the only ones to have this problem, and they are not necessarily pre-disposed to it either. This is just one of the things that happen in their golden years, late in life.

pug lifespan However, the most important aspect to think of to stretch the life expectancy of the pug is their weight.
Pugs that live a mostly sedentary life can be prone to obesity, though this is avoidable with regular exercise and a healthy diet. If your pug is overweight, you can count on it's life expectancy to be shorter. Such as in humans or other animals, obesity kills.

When you ask how long can my pug live?, the best thing you can do for the pug lifespan is make sure it is lean by only feeding it what it needs not what it wants. It is easy to pour/feed the right amount of food by observing guidelines for portions. Such portions exist on our California Gold Pet Food; each label on each bag has these portions so that you never over feed your pug. And watch the treats, this can put on weight easily and fast.

Many California Gold Pet Food customers have reported not only excellent health but also longer than expected pug life expectancy.




Pug health problems can be a worrisome issue for pug owners. Common pug health problems are eye problems, itch/allergy, problems with the anal sacs, to name some. One cannot expect a long life span on a pug with severe health issues. However, most issues can be alleviated or corrected.

There are several pug eye problems. If your pug rubs its eyes, that's one indication of a serious matter. If left neglected, many pugs go blind, or at best, near-blind from this condition. See your veterinarian right away.

If you pug itches, it could mean several things, including fleas and allergies. One must rid the pug and its environment of fleas. There are many treatments for this .For instant relief bathe your pug with cool water and soap and then use a flea comb to catch fleas. For the long haul treat your pug with a flea deterrent, find information on the different and safe ones and consult your vet.

Itching from pug food allergies is a common pug health problem. Diet has a lot to do with allergies. Many commercial pet food formulas, as well as treats, are full of allergenic ingredients. Your pug needs to eat a clean, natural, healthy formula so it can eat to strengthen their immune system. We recommend our California Gold Small Dog Food as the best dog food for pugs. Created by pug owners for pugs, California Gold Small Dog Food has been the favorite food for pug fans all over the country for over 25 years. Many pug owners have fed their pug since they were puppies; many have stated relief of allergies, other pug health problems and many of their pugs have lived longer than expected healthy lives. You can read more about it and get $1.00 samples here. This food results in soft and shiny coats, increased energy, and from our experience, increased lifespan.

For more info on the above topics, we recommend our Pug Health Care Manual that addresses several pug health problems.

Healthy pug food eliminates many pug health problems and can help with the pug lifespan.

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How long do pugs live?

Fact: Most pugs being fed California Gold Small Dog Pet Food, are living about 12-15 years.

Fact: By eating healthy food, pugs have
less health problems, and visit vets less. That saves you money.

Fact: By eating healthy food, pugs can
and do live longer.


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life expectancy of a pug

Pug Health Care Manual. Addressing Pug Health Problems

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pug life expectancy

The Pug Health Care Manual, Vol. 1 is a no-nonsense, tell it like it is Pug Owner's Manual addressing essential pug health problems, aspects of proper care, maintenance, and longevity of your Pug.

It is to the point with no filler or fluff. It is not filled up with generalized information found in most dog-care books. It is also not a primer on pugs from A-Z or it would be 300 pages and cost a lot more! No, the cost of this Manual is less than a typicall vet visit, but you will probably learn much more about your pug with our highly specialized information on the following topics (usually overlooked in general dog health books) of pug health problems:

1. Does Your Pug Itch? What to do about it for instant relief, and what to do for the long haul. Diet has a lot to do with it--find out what foods most pugs are allergic to, and what they can eat to strengthen their immune system, resulting in soft and shiny coats, increased energy, and from our experience, increased longevity.

2. Why Do Pugs Rub Their Eyes? This is the most common pug health problem reported. If left neglected, many pugs go blind, or at best, near-blind from this condition. It doesn't need to happen to yours. Includes a Do-It-Yourself Test for the most common eye disease that many vets overlook. (Note: pugs who lick their feet are almost ALWAYS also rubbing their eyes - watch them carefully. This eye info is a MUST!)

3. What Does it Mean if I Find a Lump on My Pug? First it has to be determined if it's malignant. Second, if so, what are your options? Is cancer necessarily a death-sentence? Includes alternative treatment options that work, too.

4. "My Pug is Impossible to Housebreak!" Never say never! Not when we've got "Guerilla Housebreaking Tactics!" for the hard-to-train pug of any age!

5. Anal sac problems discussed. This is one of the most talked about pug health problems.

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  • Yearly mandatory testing for heartworm? Forget it! There isn't a monthly preventative I'm aware of that can't be given to an infected dog. One will even CURE an infected animal if given monthly for 12 to 18 months.
  • Vaccinating for Corona virus? DON'T! The disease has never been diagnosed in a dog past 8 weeks of age. It virtually doesn't exist!
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Thank you for thinking of your pug as a healthy member of your family.


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