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Best Dog Food For Pugs
California Gold Pet Food is the best dog food for pugs!
Real Healthy Pug Food You Can See!

Oats, Veggies N' Fruit— NO COOK FORMULA

Best healthy diet for pug and other small dog owners who don't have time to cook or are traveling!

No sugar, corn, wheat, dairy, salt,
or preservatives that make pugs itch!!


This is a REAL FOOD diet made of human quality ingredients!
Not only do your pugs thrive on it because they are eating REAL FOOD, they are not eating gross ingredients and chemicals that may come in commercial pet food diets such as dead dog and cat bodies (you read that right), diseased portions of beef and other animals, laboratory remains, old grocery store meat complete with plastic wrappers, and slime off the processing plant's floor. (Those ingredients are all legal, by the way.)

We believe there is NO PET FOOD ON THE MARKET THAT IS HEALTHIER THAN REAL, NOURISHING FOOD! We've just been brainwashed to think otherwise by the commercial pet food industry! It's just common sense!

Why are more pets dying of cancer at an earlier age? Folks, we are going to pay for the "convenience" of pouring some kibble in a bowl once or twice a day and calling that a meal for your pet. It will come in vet bills somewhere down the line, and/or shortened longevity in the pets we love. This doesn't have to happen to your pug!

California Gold - Small Dog Pet Food is a healthy and best way to feed your pug real food that you can see (all human-quality), and gives your pug something to look forward to. Many of our customers call to report their pugs are so excited at meal-time that they now dance for their food!


Oats Veggies N' Fruit Formula (No-cook Formula): rolled oats, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, apples, cranberries, plus a packed of minerals and vitamins in each bag.You add the meat of your choice. (We use chicken and also buy the tubes of frozen ground turkey or lamb--very economical, for our own pugs. We do not recommend beef.)

A highly nutritious, fresh (veggies and fruit are dehydrated to lock in the nutrients & preserve naturally) healthy diet that pugs absolutely love when you mix with meat!

Plus each bag also contains a packet of essential vitamins & minerals.

Unquestionably one of the best and healthiest "pet" foods on the market! Has no bulk fillers that make your pug fat! Easy, nutritious, and all-natural! No chemical preservatives to weigh down your pug's immune system. Watch your pug look better, feel better, and have more energy as the body is nourished, finally, with REAL FOOD!

This food will take excess weight off of most pugs easily, without them feeling the least bit deprived, provided you don't give them fattening food on the side. No diet can overcome "cookies and ice cream" (fat treats)!

There is no such thing as "people food."
Food is food, period.
All living things need
real food!

CALIFORNIA GOLD - Small Dog Pet Food
is appropriate for

all dogs
and all ages!

It's just real food—
that's all!


See all California Gold Pet Food formulas here

California Gold Pet Food Cost of one feeding: $1.00
For a dollar a day you can feed your pug the best dog food!

cost of pug feeding

Would you let your pug starve over one dollar?
Because that's all it costs for a feeding of the healthiest pug food available, California Gold Pet Food.
Do you know what it costs to go to vet for one visit? A lot more than one dollar. Real healthy food can prevent many visits to the vet. Do the math; then order the samples, with free shipping of the best dog food for pugs available. If your pug likes it, you will be doing a lot of good with your one dollar. The samples of pug food are available here.
Thank you for thinking of your pug as a healthy member of your

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From our Facebook page
Linda Thomson Williams
 This food is the best! My three pugs have been on this for years. They are healthy and their coats are so soft. You never have to worry about what you are feeding your babies when you use California Gold! 
Denise M. Gregoire
 I wanted to add, both my pugs just got their semi annual checkup and at 8 1/2 years of age, all blood work is still great. It could be some genetics, but most of all, it's the FOOD they eat. This is the only main food they've ever eaten. You can't get a much better testimonial than that.

Ms. Priss (the sweet pug) is adored by
her owner/mom Angie K. of Blufton, SC.-long
time customers of our pug food, California Gold.
Angie is very concerned right now as
Ms. Priss has developed some black spots...

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Pugzoo.com's photo.

Queen Victoria, of Denise G. in San Antonio Texas, shows of her pearls. Says Denise: "The royalty (Queen Victoria's black pug partner is "Sir Cedric") is going to be 8 years old in July, and their annual comprehensive blood test results just came back from the vet….and as usual they are PERFECTLY HEALTHY. Everything is normal (I should be this lucky). I definitely attribute a large part of their good health to their FOOD (California Gold Small Dog Pet Food). Dinner time here usually lasts 1 minute--30 seconds for me to prepare their meals and another 30 seconds for them to hoover it all up. The end result are clean stainless bowls in record time! Same thing, every day, twice a day. (Note: free samples of this healthy pug food are available at http://www.pugzoo.com)

Pugzoo.com's photo.
  • Denise M. Gregoire
    Queen Victoria just turned 8 years of age on the 16th of July. She's a vibrant, healthy pug lady. I'm proud to say she has been on California Gold pug food since I brought her home at the age of 8 weeks. To date, she's perfectly healthy (according to the vet)....thank you Bruno for an excellent product I recommend to every small dog owner......! :)
  • Kelly Simkins
Miss Pug is so excited for her food to come in! This will be her "before" picture. I hope the next one I post will be of a healthy weight pug! Walks and pugzoo ought to do it!

 shared a page.

It's that time of year when all (most) the pugs put on their best Halloween costumers and attend events. This one will prove to be a great one. The Pacific Pug Rescue hold their annual Pug-oween fundraiser. Seehttps://www.facebook.com/pacificpugrescue?ref=ts

Non-Profit Organization
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Pacific Pug Rescue
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Hey Pug Fans, if you are questioning the ingredients in the kibble you are feeding your little ones, I am making it even more easy to try two of our three formulas of California Gold Small Dog Pet Food. Get one small bag of our "Oats/No-cook Formula" and one small bag of our "Rice/Cook Formula" FREE! Just pay for shipping/handling.

These are no-kibble, Real Food formulas with whole grain, veggies, fruit and a packet of vitamins & minerals. Nothing else!

Go here: http://www.pugpress.com/pet_food.htm

The best pug food, by California Gold is all natural pet food for pugs. This is wholesome real food,preservative-free, gluten-free--just grains, vegetables and vitamins!
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August 28, 2013

Hey pug fans! Check out al the new photos of our California Gold Customers at http://pugpress.com/customers.htm. One of our long time customers made this gorgeous cake!

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The Seattlle Pug Rescue organization's biggest fund raiser. Support them however you can, we do!

Sat 11 AMEvergreen State Fairgrounds




Oats,Veggies N' Fruit Formula
Now available in 3 sizes!

California Gold Small Dog Pet Food

California Gold Small Dog Pet Food
2 lb bag

If you are ordering for the first time, we recommend starting with just one bag to make sure your pug (or other breed of dog) will eat it. Although most love it, there is an occasional highly-picky eater out there, and due to its perishability (contains no preservatives) this food is not returnable.

We only ship to the
Continental USA


California Gold Pet Food

8 lb.
Med size

California Gold Pug Food

Bulk Size 13 lb. bag

See all formulas here

Think of it this way:
Would you feed your child cereal out of a box for a lifetime, careful not to give any "real food" because the box tells you it's "nutritionally complete and fortified with vitamins and essential minerals"? No, of course you wouldn't. So ask yourself, Why are you doing this to your dog? Buy them only the best dog food for pugs.

For further info, click here to read our FAQs





Pug Food Samples with Free Shipping

Please note this food contains no preservatives and should be kept refrigerated once opened. Due to its perishability, it is not returnable and there are no refunds. We recommend ordering samples or smaller quantities the first time to make sure your pet will like it before ordering larger quantities. Thereafter only order what you can store in refrigerator or freezer.

Best Dog Food for Pugs




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