Why Do People Like Pugs?

We see many people admiring numerous dog breeds for their elegance, intelligence, and the fierce way they look, but no level of admiration seems to compare to the cute and quirky nature possessed by pugs. 

From their muzzled faces to their curled tails, pugs are surely a one-of-a-kind dog breed that is sure to become great companions for both kids and the elderly. 

This dog breed that was originally from China is known for its large, round heads with shortened muzzles paired with wrinkled foreheads. Pugs originated from the mastiff breed, which generally makes it one of the sturdiest dogs of the toy group. 

Around the world, pugs are considered to be the 5th most popular small dog breed and currently hold the 31st spot in the latest American Kennel Club (AKC) dog popularity. 

Most would say that this particular dog breed can be quite magical, and any person who lays their eyes on them becomes completely awestruck not just by their cute physique but their quirky personality as well. 

Why Do People Like Pugs

Why are pugs so irresistible? 

There are numerous reasons why pugs can be quite irresistible at times. One of the main reasons is how cute they actually look. Now, what is it about their face that makes them one of the cutest dog breeds ever? 

Pugs have adorably huge, round, and dark eyes. Their short muzzles make their face look flat, and often, they look like they are sad. Pugs have ears that fold over to the eye level, which somewhat looks like a rose or a button. 

Their teeth, unlike those of other dog breeds, are barrel-shaped, and their legs are considerably short. Despite their short height, pugs tend to have broad chests. 

Pugs have a lot of wrinkles on the forehead and face which further adds up to their cuteness factor. In a way, it gives off the impression that pugs look sad or grumpy, which is the opposite of their actual personality. 

A pug’s tail is naturally curled, typically having one or two loops. As for their coats, they have pretty short ones, never growing longer than an inch. Healthy pugs have smooth and shiny coats which can come in various colors like black, fawn, silver, and apricot. 

Pugs have cute personalities

Of course, what makes pugs all the more irresistible is not just because of the way they look, but most importantly, how these cute little creatures act. 

Unlike other toy breeds, pugs are not known to be too social. In fact, most would say that they have a dry sense of humor. They can also be stubborn sometimes, but that is what adds up to their cuteness. 

Despite their serious personalities, pugs can be utterly entertaining. They make great companions, especially for kids and elders. They are also known to be one of the most loyal dog breeds in the world. 

How to know if I am a pug lover?

Weirdly enough, not a lot of people find this particular dog breed to be cute. However, you would instantly know that you love pugs if as soon as you set your eyes upon them, you instantly get drawn to their cuteness. 

People who are particularly pug lovers are found to bear characteristics such as someone who has a pretty laid-back nature and someone who has a good sense of humor. Pug lovers also value loyalty and are just as loyal as this dog breed. 

Often, pug lovers behave in a quirky manner and cherish the feeling of being needed by people who matter in their lives. Researchers also suggest that pugs are great companions for people who are suffering from depression as they make reliable therapy dogs. 

Adorable characteristics of pugs

Pugs unconditionally love their owners

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and pugs really prove this to be true. They are known to be one of the most loyal dog breeds in the world. They can also be so affectionate at times. 

You would just notice your pug sitting with you on the couch or sleeping in the bed with you. This dog breed tends to follow you around, never wasting any opportunity to give you warm cuddles. 

Pugs have cute facial and body features

This can never be an overstatement. A pug contrasting feature, a cute but wrinkled face, makes their aesthetic features truly irresistible to look at. 

As for their body, pugs are covered with fat rolls all around their body which adds up to their cuteness. They also have the shiniest coat and the cutest curly tails that make it seem impossible not to make you want to touch them. 

Pugs make odd but cute noises

A pug’s cuteness is not just seen in the way they look or behave, it is also heard in the way they sound. Pugs can make weird noises which can keep you entertained on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Very much like humans, pugs make noises when they snort, yawn, snore, and many more. There’s no telling what kind of noise they would make, which makes having pugs all the more enjoyable. 

Pugs are affectionate to kids and older people

If you are worried about a pug biting you or a family member, then you need not worry at all because pugs are known to be a super safe family pet. They are really kind and gentle and are truly affectionate to kids and the elderly. 

Almost like a best friends, pugs make really great companions who always like to play, cuddle, and display their affection toward you. 

Pugs can be good listeners

There’s just something in the way a pug looks and acts that makes them seem like they are really good listeners. 
In fact, whenever you would find yourself sharing something with them, they would often look at you with attentive eyes and cock their heads to the side as if to show that they are actually listening. 

Whether they truly understand what you are trying to say or not, pugs make great confidants; with them, you never truly feel alone.

Pugs are like personal jesters

Pugs can clown all the time. There’s no specific place and time for pugs to act like your personal jester. Their non-stop clowning keeps a smile on your face all day long. 

Sometimes, you would find a pug sleeping in a weirdly funny position anywhere inside the house. Sometimes they can even sleep while they are sitting down on their butts. 

Whenever they are outdoors, they seem to really enjoy bathing in the sun. They make weird noises, like snoring and yawning. They also chase their own curly tails. 

The bottom line is you would definitely have a hard time finding an excuse not to love pugs. Those are just some of the characteristics pugs have that make them too uniquely irresistible, and surely you will find more reasons to love pugs more as soon as they occupy a space in your life.